As Zeytursan, we combine traditional tastes with modern production techniques and enrich our products with fruits and vegetables harvested in season. We offer delicious and healthy options by processing products harvested at different times of the year in our four main categories: pickles, roasted group, sauces and olives & olive oil. Here is the journey of Zeytursan products according to seasons:


Spring and Summer: The Richness of Pickle Group

Spring is the time when various vegetables begin to be collected and pickled products are prepared. During the summer months, vegetables such as cucumbers, green peppers and tomatoes are collected in their freshest form and the pickle production process accelerates. At Zeytursan, we meticulously produce pickles prepared using technological methods that suit our traditional taste.


Late Summer and Early Autumn: Roasted Group Production

Pepper and eggplant, indispensable parts of Turkish cuisine, are at their most productive in late summer and early autumn. Vegetables harvested during this period gain a special flavor by being roasted. We offer you unique flavors in the roasted product group.


Autumn: Preparation of the Sauce Group

Our sauces, which are indispensable for breakfast and meals, are prepared in autumn. Tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables are collected this season and turned into sauce using our traditional recipes. Zeytursan sauces become the crown jewel of our kitchens in autumn to add a unique taste to every meal.


Winter: The Abundance of Olives and Olive Oil Group

Olive trees growing in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions begin to bear fruit during the winter months. November and December are the best times for olive harvest. The olives collected during this period are processed both for fresh consumption and for the production of olive oil. Zeytursan, we bring you the uniquely delicious olives and olive oil offered by these fertile lands during the winter months.


It is prepared in accordance with the rhythm of the seasons and reaches your tables in the freshest and highest quality form offered by nature. Each of our product groups ensures the preservation of taste and health with fruits and vegetables harvested in season. As Zeytursan, we are proud to present you this richness that changes according to the seasons.


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