A sustainable future and environmentally friendly lifestyles have become more important than ever in today’s world. As Zeytursan, we act with this awareness and take steps to achieve the zero waste goal. Here are some important tips on the path Zeytursan follows as it moves towards zero waste and what role you, our valued consumers, can play in this process:


Sustainable Approaches from Production to Consumption

Zeytursan’s production processes aim to minimize our impact on the environment. Reducing the amount of water used, increasing energy efficiency and minimizing waste are among our basic principles. In addition, we encourage sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in our supply chain and take care that the materials used in production do not harm the environment.


Innovative Solutions in Packaging and Logistics

In our packaging process, we aim to reduce the use of unnecessary packaging and prefer reusable or recyclable materials. In this way, we aim to reduce the environmental footprint of our products reaching our consumers. We also use optimized routes and transportation methods to reduce carbon emissions in our logistics operations.


Consumer Participation and Awareness

The participation of our consumers is of great importance in the zero waste journey. Making choices that reduce the amount of waste when using our products plays a critical role in achieving this goal. As Zeytursan, we are working to inform our consumers about zero waste and raise their awareness in this field.


Harmony with Community and Environment

Beyond being just a business, Zeytursan aims to live in harmony with our community and environment. With our zero waste and environmentally friendly practices, we aim to contribute to both today’s and future generations living in a healthy environment.

As Zeytursan, as we move towards the zero waste goal, we take every step to support an environmentally friendly future. Sustainability is not just a goal for us, it is also a way of life. We encourage our consumers to join us on this journey and adopt environmentally friendly lifestyles.


Together, let’s create a greener and cleaner world!

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