Occupational Safety Week is an important period that once again emphasizes the importance of employee health and safety. For us, safety in the work environment is not only a priority but also a core value. Sharing our efforts to continuously improve health and safety in the workplace and our successes in this field are among our priorities.


Fundamentals of Occupational Safety Culture

We believe that providing a safe working environment is directly related to high production quality and employee satisfaction. That’s why we conduct comprehensive risk assessments at our facilities, regularly train our employees on safety procedures and encourage everyone to comply with safety rules.


Risk Prevention and Security Training

Occupational safety at Zeytursan includes proactive management of potential hazards. The use of modern equipment means production processes that comply with occupational health and safety standards and the effective implementation of emergency procedures. In addition, we organize continuous training programs to minimize all kinds of risks in the workplace by ensuring that our employees use safety equipment correctly.


Continuous Improvement and Employee Participation

Security is a continuous improvement process at Zeytursan. We take our employees’ safety feedback seriously and consider their suggestions to improve safety practices in our workplace. Employee involvement is vital in improving workplace safety measures.


The Foundation of Safety, Quality and Success

Thanks to its strict standards on occupational safety and continuous improvement efforts, it protects the safety and health of its employees while also increasing production quality and overall business success. Occupational Safety Week offers the opportunity to reaffirm these commitments and highlight the work we are doing to make our working environment even safer.

As Zeytursan, we see occupational safety week as an opportunity to underline the importance of safe working environments and demonstrate our continuous commitment to protecting the health and safety of our employees. This special week is the perfect time to reinforce our commitment to ensuring the health and safety of all our employees and celebrate our success in this area.


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