Zeytursan, which was founded in Bursa in 1983 and has a deep-rooted history, is writing a global success story with its products by taking its place in international markets by feeding on local values. Let’s take a closer look at their export strategy and international success.

From Local Values to Global Brand

Zeytursan, which has transformed from a small family business into a world-renowned brand, is known for the importance it attaches to quality. It has made a difference by producing its products at international standards and bringing traditional Turkish flavors to world markets.

The Importance of Quality and Export Strategy

The high quality standards it cares about and implements form the basis of its international recognition and preference. Each product produced with care is a reflection of Zeytursan’s strong reputation in the global market.

Market Research and Customization

By conducting detailed market research for different countries, our company’s strategy has enabled it to customize products according to the cultural preferences and habits of the target audiences. This in-depth understanding has become one of the cornerstones supporting the brand’s international success.

Sustainable Production and Environmental Awareness

Our understanding of environmentally friendly production and our sensitivity to sustainability strengthen our ability to appeal to both local and global consumers. This approach has made Zeytursan a reliable choice among environmentally conscious consumers.

Adaptation to Global Trends and Innovation

The company closely follows global trends in the food industry and constantly increases its international competitive advantage by offering innovations in areas such as health, naturalness and organic products.


Zeytursan successfully represents Turkish culinary culture by taking part in the international market. The importance given to quality, market research, sustainability and compliance with trends constitute the cornerstones of Zeytursan’s export strategies. Our story can also be an inspiration for other businesses in Turkey.