Our story, which begins with deep-rooted experience in the food industry and strong family tradition, creates a unique identity by combining traditional values with modern production. In this article, we will share with you the effects of our perseverance, labor, and determination, from our success to the production process. We have been carrying the legacy of fertile lands from tradition to the future for more than 40 years.

Our Roots and Heritage

Zeytursan represents a family heritage with deep roots. The belief in the importance of traditional flavors and healthy nutrition is nourished by the years-old family tradition of our founders. This heritage has become an element that forms Zeytursan’s core values. Always aiming to move forward with strategies and modern management vision is our most important legacy to the future. You can examine the “about us” section to examine Zeytursan’s roots and heritage in more detail.

Meeting with Modern Production Technology

We have created an important milestone in the sector by combining traditional flavors and healthy nutrition with modern production technology. We consider both quality and nature by adopting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in our production facilities. We continue our green future mission with firm steps.

Our Quality and Assurance Standards

Meticulously checking our products at every stage and the importance we attach to customer satisfaction form the basis of the success of our brand. Inspired by traditional flavors, we focus on the future with a constant approach to innovation. We adopt a broad standard scheme, from our R&D activities to how we pioneer trends in the industry. To examine our quality and assurance standards more closely, you can take a look at our “quality policies” page on our website.

Social Responsibility and Sustainability

We not only produce delicious products but also take an active role in social responsibility and sustainability issues. Our future goals and the points we took inspiration from during this successful journey can be a source of inspiration for those who want to be assertive in the food industry in the future.

Innovative Product Portfolio and Secrets of Taste

Our product portfolio allows you to taste traditional flavors with modern methods. The secret of how we highlight the organic effort of labor with our innovative recipes and quality standards is hidden in our professional team. Behind our success is an experienced and passionate team in the industry. Our people-oriented approach and spirit of collaboration take us one step forward. It adds extra value to our brand value.

Innovation Inspired by Traditional Recipes

From the richness of traditional Turkish cuisine, we are especially inspired by the fertile lands of the Aegean and Mediterranean and combine this with an innovative perspective. We aim to contribute to society and the environment beyond just being a business. You can take a closer look at our projects in the field of sustainability and social responsibility and our commitments in this regard on our website.

As the Zeytursan family, we look to the future with hope and the strength we draw from the past.