From prehistoric times to the present day, olives have always played an important role in the rise and development of civilizations. Zeytursan approaches the historical journey of olives with respect, combining cultural heritage and taste in every drop of olive.

Historical and Cultural Origins of Olives

The olive tree is one of the oldest witnesses to human history. In ancient times, the olive tree was considered a symbol of peace and hope and an economic resource for civilizations around the Mediterranean. In ancient Greece, the olive branch was used as a symbol of victory and peace. Olives and olive oil have an important place in religious rituals, health, and cuisine.

Zeytursan’s Expertise in Olive Cultivation

Zeytursan stands out with deep expertise and a rich heritage in olive cultivation. Olives grown in the fertile lands of Bursa are carefully selected and processed. By combining traditional olive cultivation techniques with modern agricultural practices, Zeytursan offers superior products in both taste and quality. Olive harvesting is done meticulously according to the ripeness and aroma of the fruit, so that the natural flavor of the olives is best preserved.

The Role of Olive Oil in Kitchens

Olive oil is the most precious gift of the olive and has an important place in world cuisines. Zeytursan’s cold-pressed olive oil adds depth and sophistication to dishes. Olive oil is used not only in salads but also in cooking processes, providing a rich aroma and nutritional value to dishes.

The Timeless Journey of Olives

The historical journey of olives is an adventure of taste and health that extends beyond cultures and times. As part of this adventure, Zeytursan brings the cultural and health aspects of olives to modern tables. If you want to add health and flavor to your tables, you can join this unique journey of olives with Zeytursan’s olives and olive oils.