Nowadays, businesses are aware that their operations should focus not only on economic results but also on social and environmental impacts. Social responsibility has become an increasing trend in the business world, and forward-thinking companies like Zeytursan are taking significant steps to be pioneers in this field. There are many important added values that can be considered in terms of social responsibility. In this blog, we will touch on topics such as lawful working conditions, respect for workers’ rights, a healthy and safe working environment, continuous development goals, and the importance of social values.
Zeytursan is an organization that goes beyond being a company that provides quality products and services, aiming to respect workers’ rights and contribute to society, boasting an impressive social responsibility policy. You can learn more about Zeytursan’s social responsibility vision by reading our other articles.

Compliance with Legal Working Conditions

According to local and international laws and regulations, Zeytursan strives to regulate its working conditions. Their commitment to providing their employees with a legal and ethical working environment is one of the features that make them stand out in the industry.

Respect for Workers’ Rights

Zeytursan is strictly against practices such as child labor, uninsured labor, forced labor, and risky working conditions. They regularly review and develop their social responsibility policies to prevent these practices. They also ensure the protection of wages and workers’ rights. The company prioritizes workers’ rights by supporting disciplinary practices and the protection of freedom of expression.

Healthy and Safe Working Environment

Providing a healthy and safe work environment for employees is extremely important. In this regard, Zeytursan meticulously ensures all social and work rights of its employees within the framework of the laws. It believes in the importance of teamwork in production processes and supports solidarity among employees. The company constantly strives to create a fair and respectful environment in the workplace.

Continuous Improvement and Goal Evaluation

Through training, responsibility, and authority, Zeytursan supports the continuous development and improvement of its staff’s competencies. They set goals and conduct performance analyses in this direction. This approach enables employees to use their talents and potentials at their highest level.

Respect for International Behavioral Norms and Human Rights

Zeytursan aims to respect human rights and international behavioral norms, and to maintain transparent and accountable practices in all its activities. This is an attitude that reflects the company’s overall vision and values.

Respect for Ethical and Social Values

With regard to suppliers, customers, and all business partners, Zeytursan maintains a strict policy for protecting ethical and social values. This policy solidifies Zeytursan’s position as a leading company in the area of business ethics and social responsibility.

In conclusion, Zeytursan’s social responsibility policy serves as an example in terms of providing lawful working conditions, respecting workers’ rights, and adding value to society. Their efforts to provide a fair and respectful working environment for their employees and to protect ethical values in their business practices place them in a respectable position in the industry. Zeytursan plays a significant role in improving the general quality of life for both its employees and society through these practices. You can examine the Quality Policies of the company in more detail on their website.

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