Quality is one of Zeytursan’s biggest priorities in the production process. Our quality control processes, which are meticulously carried out to ensure that our products are always at the highest standards, are effectively implemented at every stage, from raw material selection to the delivery of the final product to the consumer. In this blog post, we will examine Zeytursan’s quality control processes and the detailed studies in these processes.


Raw Material Selection and Supply

The first stage of quality control is the selection of raw materials. Zeytursan uses raw materials supplied from reliable and certified local producers in different regions of Turkey. These producers fulfill all the necessary conditions to grow products that comply with Zeytursan’s quality standards. After the raw materials are collected from the field, they are subjected to various quality tests before reaching our factory.


Production Process

Raw materials arriving at our factory are subjected to quality control tests again at the beginning of the production process. Every stage of the products is processed in accordance with Zeytursan’s meticulously determined quality protocols. At this stage, hygiene standards are given utmost importance and production areas are regularly cleaned and disinfected. Our employees are regularly trained to comply with high hygiene standards in production processes.


Laboratory Tests

During and after the production process, products are subjected to detailed analyzes in our laboratories. These tests include microbiological analyses, chemical analyzes and sensory tests. Microbiological analysis ensures that products are free of harmful microorganisms, while chemical analysis confirms the nutritional value and content of products. Sensory tests ensure that products are of the highest quality in terms of taste, smell, texture and appearance.


Packaging and Labeling

When packaging our products, the contents of each jar and the packaging quality are carefully checked. Packaging materials are selected from high quality materials approved for food compatibility. Labels contain detailed information to ensure traceability of products. Each label carries the product’s source, production date, expiration date and ingredient information.


Shipping and Storage

After production, products are subject to strict quality control standards during shipping and storage. Our warehouses are organized and controlled to maintain the freshness and quality of the products. During shipment, the products are transported under appropriate temperature and humidity conditions.


Customer Feedback

As Zeytursan, we attach great importance to customer satisfaction. Feedback from our customers plays an important role in constantly improving our quality control processes. All feedback is evaluated meticulously and improvements are made in our processes when deemed necessary.

Zeytursan always aims to offer products of the highest standards through quality control processes. We offer safe, healthy and delicious products to our customers by working meticulously at every stage, from raw material selection to the production process, from laboratory tests to shipment and customer feedback. These processes are an indication of the importance Zeytursan attaches to quality and its commitment to customer satisfaction. We will continue to offer the best products to our valued consumers with sustainable agriculture and production methods, without compromising our quality.