As Zeytursan, we approach the olive oil production process with great care and meticulousness. To begin with, we start with the selection of quality olives. The selected olives are carefully selected among those with the most appropriate maturity and quality level. This selection process is a critical step that determines the final quality of our olive oil.

Selected olives are brought to our factory for rapid processing. In our factory, the processing of olives begins in our facilities, equipped with modern and high-tech equipment. The process begins with washing and cleaning the olives. This step is extremely important to maximize hygiene standards in olive oil production.

Then, the olives are ground into olive paste. This dough is squeezed through specially designed presses, and olive oil and olive pulp are separated. At this stage, the pressing process carried out at low temperatures and under special protection ensures that the olive oil is preserved to the highest quality.

The resulting olive oil is then subjected to a series of filtration and cleaning processes. These processes are applied to ensure the clarity and purity of olive oil. At the same time, we complete the production process with the cold pressing method, using the latest technology to preserve the natural properties of olive oil.

Our production process is completed with final quality control tests. For each batch, olive oil is subjected to stringent tests in internal and external laboratories, and its compliance with the highest quality standards is verified. This process allows us to offer our customers the safest and most delicious olive oil.

As Zeytursan, we are determined to follow the path of quality in the olive oil production process. Using modern technology, we constantly strive to offer natural and healthy olive oil in its purest and most delicious form.