Food safety culture has become one of the most important issues in the food industry. Nowadays, consumers are becoming more aware, and they are emphasizing the safety they expect from food products more. At this point, its integration into our industry emerges with a corporate and benefit-oriented structure. We proudly state that food safety culture is more than a mission for the success and sustainability of your business.


What is Food Safety Culture?

It expresses a business’s commitment and approach to food safety at all levels. This culture becomes a common value for all employees, not just the responsibility of a particular department. Therefore, in order for this culture to become permanent and sustainable, everyone within the business must contribute to it.


More than a Responsibility: Our Food Safety Mission

As Zeytursan, the most important mission of implementing this culture is to meet the expectations of our consumers, not to shake their trust and to enable them to maintain their loyalty as a business. In terms of legal and regulatory compliance, we carry out production without disrupting the internal control system in accordance with all legal requirements and regulations. Raising our corporate reputation, making a difference in the industry and implementing a meticulous production scheme are among our important priorities.


Making Success the Only Option

Seeing that we have made positive progress as a result of our efforts adds new milestones to Zeytursan’s successful story. It is the most important fruit of the discipline of continuing this approach until the end that brings out the success stories in our factories, which we have turned into not just a business but actually a living space. Food safety culture is a critical factor for the sustainability and success of our business. By creating this culture, we redefine our own effort hierarchy and increase our product quality. As a result, we connect the solid structure between effort and the final product with a deep passion.


We Are Taking Steps That Shape Our Future

Food safety is a fundamental part of our business and our priority at every stage. We bear a great responsibility to maintain the quality and safety of our products. Food security is the right of every individual, and we do everything necessary to protect this right.

We keep this principle alive not only as a business practice but also as a culture. Each of our employees bears a great responsibility to maintain the quality and safety of our products. This is one of the core values of our business. Each of our products fully complies with food safety standards and goes through a rigorous inspection process at every stage. This is a reflection of our commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality and safest products.

As Zeytursan, we give this issue a high priority and work determinedly to integrate a food safety culture into our business. We continue to protect the safety of both our customers and nature.

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