In the food industry, which develops and transforms over time, it is not enough for a brand to only produce quality products to survive. Long-term success is created by the combination of many factors. Since its founding in 1983, Zeytursan has been fulfilling its promise to offer consumers the best olive and pickle products, not only with its main brand but also with its sub-brands. Berrak Pickles, which is one of these sub-brands and brings Zeytursan’s success to the top, stands out with its innovative approach in the sector, sustainable agriculture understanding, and strong bond with the consumer.

Berrak Pickles are a guest on our tables not only as a product but also as an experience and a story. Berrak offers consumers traditional flavors from different regions of Turkey by combining them with modern production techniques, and it also uses these flavors as a means of transferring knowledge and culture. In each of its products, it tells the story of our geography, our land, and the laborers who work there.

In this article, we will talk in detail about the success story of Zeytursan’s sub-brand Berrak Pickles, the values behind this success, the kind of experience Berrak offers to consumers, and how this experience contributes to the overall success of the brand. This way, we will discover together what is hidden in the label and logo, the content of the Berrak jar, and what efforts and stories are involved. Let’s start this delicious and informative journey together.

Berrak Pickles: The Meeting of Traditional Flavors with the Story of Geography

Berrak pickles

Berrak Pickles, one of Zeytursan’s sub-brands, represents not only a product but also a culture and tradition. Berrak Pickles, a combination of products from all over Turkey, combine geographical diversity with taste.

While Berrak Pickles carries its taste scale to the next level with its developing technology and experience, it has also renewed its brand identity with its innovative vision. Berrak made innovative changes in its logo and labels with the awareness that consumers’ expectations of brands have changed in the digitalizing world. However, these changes were made not only visually but also in terms of content and information.

Reflection of Geographical Connections on Taste

The uniqueness of Berrak Pickles comes from combining products from different regions of Turkey. For example, fresh and juicy cucumbers of Balıkesir, hot peppers of Çanakkale or delicious eggplants of Mersin… This geographical richness is presented to the consumer in detail on the label of each product. So, in a jar of Berrak Pickles, you can find flavors from different corners of Turkey together.

Sustainability and Quality

Berrak not only offers delicious products but also takes care to produce them by adopting sustainable agricultural practices. In other words, each jar of Berrak Pickle is produced from crops grown in harmony with nature without disturbing the balance of the soil. In this way, the quality of the products increases, and effective steps are taken to protect nature.

Innovative Approach and Consumer Experience

Berrak Pickles aims to offer consumers not just a product but also an experience. Therefore, an innovative approach is adopted in every detail, from packaging design to labels. Especially thanks to the QR code label system, consumers can easily learn where the products come from and what production processes they go through. Thus, when you pick up a jar of Berrak Pickles, you not only get a delicious product but also a story and experience.

This success of Berrak is an indication of how well it reflects Zeytursan’s brand value and vision. In summary, a jar of Berrak Pickles enriches not only our tables but also our culture, history, and values. To experience this unique experience and be enriched with knowledge as well as taste, you can choose Berrak Pickles.

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