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Finally ZTS made another dream come true by producing BERRAK PICKLE JUICE both in spicy and non-spicy tastes. This traditional Turkish drink accepted as one of the healthiest SPORTS DRINKS of our time. Currently sold in MİGROS nationwide. Again pasteurized, both preservative and additive free.

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Zey-Tur-San became the sole pickle supplier of one of the world’s biggest fast food chain in Europe, Middle East and Africa, excluding Germany. Its production capacity was also increased to 15.000 tons of vegetables.

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We offered our Berrak brand for sale at, and Getir. Our capacity increased to 9000 tons with orders from all over the world. In the same year, we started sponsoring veterinary clinics through HAYTAP (Animal Rights Federation) to support the treatment of orphaned animals, with the motto “All Beings Are One”.

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The BPlas Company belonging to the Gökçen Family, one of the most respected families of Turkey, with 150 years of experience in industrial production, became ZTS’s partner by purchasing majority shares. BPlas is the largest automotive parts supplier in Turkey. BPlas was established in 1987 under the management of Honorable Celal Gökçen.

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ZTS renewed the Berrak logo and its own corporate identity. Same year, our Berrak became the sponsor of Altın Elbiseli Adam [Man in Golden Suit] TV show at Skytürk.

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Due to the İstanbul-İzmir Highway Project, the facility in Gedelek was expropriated. The construction of 86 thousand m2 new factory was started in Gemiç. One acre wooded area of the land was made into a living space for orphaned animals.

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The production area of the factory was extended to 25 thousand m2 and the annual vegetable processing capacity was raised to 8 thousand tons.

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